How to Update Your Payment Details

There are 2 ways to update your payment details in Spotlight. 

First, let’s look at the “Payment Methods” option. 

Updating the Payment Methods Page

From the user menu, choose “payment methods”

user menu

This will take you to the Payment Methods screen, where you can see a secure summary of all the payment methods on file for your account. 

Here you can add, delete or make a payment method the default choice for auto-renewals or future purchases. 

payment methods

Updating Payment Info Via Subscriptions

The 2nd way to amend your payment information is via your existing subscription. 

From the user menu, choose “Subscriptions”.

user menu

Click “view” on the subscription with the payment information you would like to change. 

subscriptions page-min

On the subscription details page, choose “change payment”.

subscription details page-min

This will take you to a page where you can choose a new payment method. 

Allowing you to choose from an existing saved payment method or adding a new payment method. 

Please note a tick box on this page also allows you to update your payment method for all of your current subscriptions. This is optional and will not happen unless you choose to tick the box.

updating payment info

Got a question about changing your payment method?

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