How to Turn Off Auto-Renew on Your Membership

Switching from Auto to Manual Renew

By default, annual and monthly Spotlight memberships auto-renew. 

This ensures your profile and listings can always be found with no downtime or additional admin. 

You can however (if you prefer) turn off auto-renew and switch your subscription to manual renew. 

In this article, I’ll show you how it’s done, step-by-step. 

First, from the user menu, choose “Subscriptions” 

user menu

On the subscriptions page you’ll see a list of your membership records. 

If a subscription has a payment summary under the next payment date (as shown below) this indicates that the membership is set to auto-renew.

To disable this, click “view”.

subscriptions page-min

On the subscription details page you’ll see the auto-renew switched to “on” and a secure summary of the payment information for the renewal.

subscription details page-min

To switch to manual renew, move the auto-renew slider to the off position (shown below).

This will amend the payment summary to show as “via manual renewal”. 

subscriptions auto renew off

You can switch back to auto-renewal at any time by switching the auto-renewal slider back to the on position.

Got a question about auto-renewal?

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