How to Switch Membership Plans

Change to a New Membership Subscription with Ease

Switching to a different Spotlight subscription is nice and simple. 

Maybe you want to move from a profile-only listing to one of our membership plans?

Or you want to save some pennies and switch from a monthly to an annual plan?

Whatever your wish, this article will show you how it’s done step-by-step.

First, choose “My Listings” from the user menu.

user menu

On the listings page, find the listing with the plan you want to amend. 

listings page

Choose the “switch plan” button of the listing’s summary card.

my listing

This will take you to the “Plans” page with all of the profile and membership options so you can make your switch. 

switching membership plans-min

Got a question about switching plans?

Get it answered in the comments below! 


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