Toolkit Resources

Welcome to the Toolkit’s resources page. Here you’ll find quick access to all of the resources used throughout the course. 

Foundations Module

The Sales Boosting Checklist Trio (Foundations Module)

Includes: Ideal Customer Checklist, Irresistible Offer Checklist & The Perfect Sales System Checklist.

Sales Boosting Checklist Trio-min

If you’re keen to grow your sales you need to start with a strong foundation.

In business that means a product or service, a customer to buy and a way you can be paid.  

This trio of checklists ensures each of these 3 major components are the very best they can be.

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Growth Modules

Cashflow Planner Spreadsheet

In Google Docs choose File > Make a Copy to get your own copy of the file.

Money Vision Workbook

Customer Profile Template

Headlines Guide

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Stress-Free Selling Modules

Stress-Free Selling eBook

5 Steps to Overcoming Your Sales Hang-Ups

Design a Sales System You Love Workbook

Power-Up Your Positivity

3 Ways to Supercharge Your Sales Confidence

Affirmations Examples

Limiting Beliefs Examples

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Sales Boosting Cheat Sheet

SBT Cheat Sheet Square-min

The Sales Boosting Cheat Sheet is a rundown of tips and knowledge that can help you grow your income.

Quickly summarising some of the key lessons from my Sales Booster Toolkit training, the cheat sheet can help you take your sales to the next level.