How to Create the Perfect Profile for Your Business

The perfect business profile is another sales tool to more customers & more sales.

And we could all benefit from an extra sales tool, no matter how big your business.

Writing the perfect business profile is not as time-consuming as some sales tasks you will have to undertake but it does require a little effort to get it right.

The good thing about Spotlight is that you have all the time you need, and with unlimited changes, you can refine your profile as much as you like without penalty.

In this article, you’ll find 10 tips to help your business profile stand out from the crowd.

To make the guide a little easier to use, I have rated each of the tips; easy, moderate or advanced.

The ratings relate not just to the difficulty of the task but also the time it might take to implement the tip.

Don’t fall into the ‘Boring Business Profile’ Trap

I recommend that you try and use all 10 tips on your profile, but if you want to carry them out over a few days or weeks, rather than all at once, the ratings should give you an idea of what’s involved.

Use Good Quality Images (moderate)

To appeal to new (and old) customers you’ll want your images to be the best possible. Not only do they need to be “Instagram worthy” beautiful shots but they also need to fit your profile.

Your listing gives you the option to add 3 different types of images; a logo, a cover image and gallery images.

  • The logo should be 240px x 240px.
  • The cover image should be 16:9 ratio. So 1280px x 720px or 1920px x 1080px if you want higher quality.
  • Photo Gallery images can be any size, but be mindful of tip 2 (shown below).
  • Name your images descriptively e.g. “age-2-ballerina-birthday-card.jpg” will be more helpful to a search engine than a file called IMG_3016.jpg. 
  • To boost an image’s SEO potnetial further, ensure your image names use regular dashes ( – ) not underscores ( _ ) between words. 

2. Compress Your Images (easy)

While you always want your images to be top notch, you should also be mindful of the size of your image files.

Large image files will slow down how quickly your listing loads; with this in mind, optimise your images before you add them to your Image Gallery. 

The video below (also available in the tutorials section) shows you how you can easily compress images in a few seconds!

How to Compress Your Images

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the JPEG or PNG option
  3. Drag your images to the Drop area (or choose upload files)
  4. When they’ve finished compressing choose download (or download all for multiple files).
  5. You can now upload your compressed files to your listing.

Start with a Headline (easy)

headline analyser-min

Once you’ve added your images and all your contact details, the element you will spend the most amount of time on is your business description.

To grab a reader’s attention you could start this description with a headline.

An eye-catching line that neatly sums up your unique selling proposition (USP) and draws them into wanting to find out more.

You can even test out your headline with CoSchedule’s Headline Analyser if you want to go the extra mile.

4. Subtly Use Space & Formatting (easy)

Formatting your text makes it more readable. The description editor lets you format your text in many different ways. Add bold and italic formatting as well as bullet points and numbers.
“You can also add “quote blocks”
And much more. If you’re not sure what an item on the menu does, simply hover over it for details. Website users scan read text, so formatting your profile (and adding spacing) is a good way to make sure more people read what you’ve written. And yes I did say ‘subtly use formatting’ on purpose, don’t go overboard with the formatting, and bold or italicise every other word, it’ll make you look a little odd!

5. Add a Video to Make Your Profile Stand Out (moderate)

The Gold Gift Company - Video Example-min

Videos are becoming increasingly important in marketing.

They allow you to differentiate yourself from other businesses and studies have shown that people can recall 6x more information from a video than from text.

That’s why in the most recent upgrade to Spotlight I’ve made it even easier to add a video to your business profile. 

Simply add the full URL to your video (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo) and you’ve got another weapon in your sales arsenal.

6. Use Keywords (moderate)

Keywords are the words that people use to find things online.

Spotlight has “smart search” capabilities; this means that unlike a lot of website searches that only skim search results from a few areas of the listing, Spotlight’s search is thorough and will pull keywords, even if they’re hidden deep in your business profile.

To put smart search to good use you have to ensure your profile has all the relevant keywords for your business.

If you’re a paper merchant, for example, you may want to include “FSC certified” as a keyword phrase, knowing that more and more designers and looking for paper stocks from sustainable sources.

Like any written text online it’s important that you don’t overstuff your business profile with keywords. They need to be there but you don’t want to make your listing off-putting or unreadable.

7. Don't Skimp! Answer Questions & Crush Doubts (advanced)

Unlike social media profiles, business directories, online advertising and online listings, there is no word limit placed on your business description.

This is for two reasons. Firstly, writing concisely is so much harder than writing at length. Your business is amazing so you don’t want to smush it all into a couple of sentences.

Secondly, if your business profile is written with quality in mind it won’t just impress customers, it will also impress search engines, who will, in turn, send you more traffic.

There’s a lot of debate about how many words a webpage needs to get indexed on search engines, but taking a cue from SEO experts Yoast, aim for at least 300-700 words.

Remember, unlike face-to-face conversations, a website is often a one-way conversation with your customer. This means that your profile needs to anticipate and answer any questions they might have.

So don’t skimp! Use your description to answer questions and crush any doubts they may have.

8. Get a Little Help with Your Grammar (easy)

If (like me) you’re not overly confident when it comes to grammar, there is an easy way to get some help.

If you edit your listing using a Google Chrome Browser you can install the Grammarly Chrome Extension. This will highlight any problems with your text and make suggestions on how it can be improved.

It might seem like overkill but correct grammar can make a good impression on buyers.

Some search engine experts also believe that good spelling and grammar can help boost your rankings with search engines like Google.


9. Link to a Landing Page (advanced)

landing page example-min

Your business profile gives you the option to add a link to your website.

While normally people would point these links to their homepage, you could (and in my humble opinion should) consider instead sending people to a landing page.

A landing page is a webpage that serves as an entry point for your website and has one specific action a visitor can take.

Above is an example of a landing page from the Card & Gift Network site.

Marketers often use landing pages as an entry point for advertisements, to encourage a result they desire.

The result could be signing up to a mailing list (as in the example above) in exchange for a freebie; requesting a catalogue and samples; or it could even be purchasing a special product offer.

When you’re optimising your listing, it’s worth thinking about what result you want, and how you can make it as easy as possible for people to reach that end result.

It’s also worth bearing in mind the commitment level of what you’re asking. In our example above we’ve got two options for the visitor: giving their contact details or making a purchase. Spending money is the higher commitment and might not be as popular as a low commitment option of giving their contact information in exchange for a catalogue or freebie.

10. Keep it Fresh (easy)

The last tip to making the perfect Business Profile is to keep it fresh. Your business listing can be updated as often as you like and so it’s worth taking advantage of this.

To be relevant to the people who see your profile it needs to be up to date.

The video below (also available in the tutorials section) shows how you can easily edit your profile in a few steps.

What To Do Next

Set aside 10-30 minutes to update your profile and submit an offer.

Try and do this monthly, when you have new products, or ahead of key seasonal events. 

If you do this your profile will always be relevant; meaning you’ll have even more opportunities to promote your business and win more sales.

At the start of this article, I said I’d like you to use all 10 of these tips.

I appreciate this is a big ask. I know you’re busy and have a hundred other things to do, but I made this request because I want your profile to bring you business.

Even if you don’t get round to all 10 a few working together may mean the difference between a customer choosing you or someone else.


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