How to Get More Views on Your Listings

Do You Want to get Your Business in Front of More People? Then You Need More Views!

This article is for businesses that are motivated to get more people seeing what they do.

It’s for businesses who know that more views means more chance to impress potential buyers and collaborators.

Let’s get started. 

Your business listing in Spotlight is a valuable way for your business to impress potential customers; but before you can begin to impress you need to get views.

In this article we’re going to take a quick look at effective ways to get more views for your business profile.

Quick Tips to Get More Eyes on Your Business Profile

1. Use Keywords

To get more views you need to ensure your profile is easy to find. A simple way to do this is to appeal to more seekers with the use of keywords.

Spotlight has “smart search” capabilities, which means it can root out keywords hidden deep in your profile.

Make the most of this by using the keywords and phrases your customers are using in your business description.

As well as the common words like “greeting cards” and “gifts” get specific and be clever in the words you use.

Your customers may be seeking “British made stationery products” or “FSC approved card stock” so don’t skimp, share the details that make your company special.

If you’re business description has enough content to be indexed by Google (approx 300-700 words) these keyword phrases may also encourage search engines to send traffic direct to your listing.

If you find writing for your business tricky be sure to take a look at ‘Can a Sales Letter Help You Promote Your Business Better?!’

2. Share Your Business Profile

For more views you need to spread the word about your business profile.

I’ll be busy promoting Spotlight, but you need to get people interested in your profile too.

Think of your business listing as you would a stand at a fair or trade show that’s open 24/7! Sure you can put up your stand and hope for people to wander by, or you can hustle a little and get people coming to see you.

Integrate your business listing into your marketing efforts.

Share your profile via blogging, emails and social media.

Anywhere you can think of you need to encourage people to see your profile, see your reviews and see you as a vibrant part of the Card & Gift community.

And don’t forget, you can even download a Profile Button and add a link to your business listing direct from your website, blog or marketing materials.

3. Keep Your Profile Updated

The card and gift industry is seasonal so it’s wise to keep your profile updated, so it matches what buyers want, when they want it.

Remember trade buyers will be sourcing products well in advance of seasonal occasions so ensure you’re timing is good when making updates.

As well as the major seasonal occasions of Spring (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day) and Christmas, keep in mind other seasonal products your customers may be seeking and weave these into your profile updates.

For example, promote good luck cards in time for your customers to take part in the school exam season.

4. Boost Your Listing

You can now boost your listing with a “Promotional Key”. Available for 7, 14 and 30 day time blocks the promotional key will increase your listings visibility. Placing your listing in key areas, such as the homepage. It will also move your listing to the top of results pages, increasing your chances of being found. 

5. Add Events & Offers (Bloom Members)

If you’ve chosen the ‘Bloom’ Package you can get more views with the use of ‘Events’ and ‘Offers’ listings.

Events and Offers will be linked to your business listing but can also be seen in the explore and categories pages; increasing your chances of being found.

What to Do Next

Getting more views to your profile isn’t the biggest challenge you’ll face, but it does take a little effort. 

The sad fact is that most people won’t put the effort in. 

By seeking out and reading this article you’re already ahead of the curve! 

The next step is to take action. Keep your profile updated, share it far and wide to show off how brilliant your business is and we’ll help you do the same.


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