How to Manage Your Subscription

How to Manage Your Membership Subscription

All of the options to manage your membership and subscriptions can be found on the user menu.

user menu

To manage your subscription choose “My Subscriptions” from the Menu.

This will take you to the Subscriptions page, where you will find a list of your subscriptions. 

Here you can find

~Your subscription reference number.

~ The status of your subscription (active, on hold, pending cancellation or cancelled).

~ Next payment date (with or without payment details).

~ Subscription cost. 

~ Number of listings associated with the subscription.

To see details of an individual subscription membership you can choose the “view” button. 

subscriptions page - statuses-min

You can manage your subscriptions on the details page. 

Here you can

~ Switch from auto-renew to manual renew

~ Cancel your membership

~ Change your payment details

~ Manually renew your subscription

subscription details page-min

Got a question about your membership subscription?

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