A Visual Guide to Improving Your Spotlight Profile

A Visual Guide to Making a Great First Impression

Your business listing aims to bring you sales. 

To do this it needs to make a great impression with potential buyers. 

Your profile needs to tell buyers everything they need to know to place an order… today!

It needs to convince them that you are someone that they like, know and trust. 

In this tutorial we’ve got 3 visual examples of how you could complete your business listing; Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

The visuals are a guide to how you can take your listing from basic (bronze) to glittering with promise (gold). 


bronze gift company example listing-min


Silver Gift Company example listing-min


gold gift company business profile-min

Let's See How You Go From Basic Bronze to Glittering Gold

Bronze Level

bronze gift company example listing-min

Pros – a solid start, with basic areas covered

  • Nice logo & high quality cover image.
  • Descriptive tagline.
  • Basic company description and “Visit our website” call-to-action.
  • Categories & tags utilised.
  • Contact information supplied.

Cons – lots of details are missing, customers would want to know more before ordering.

  • No gallery images
  • Only gives vague info on products.
  • Description is basic and doesn’t provide many details or credentials.
  • No ‘how to order’ information so forces potential buyers to do more work to find out more. 
  • No catalogue link included.
  • No order from link included.
  • No formatting or spacing used on business description, which makes it harder to read.

Silver Level

Silver Gift Company example listing-min

Pros – this profile is looking really nice…

  • Everything Seen in Bronze Level and…
  • Claim-Based Tagline
  • Business Description with Space & Formatting
  • Background-Based Business Description
  • Basic How to Order Info
  • Opening Hours
  • Product-Based Gallery Images
  • Social Media Profiles

Cons – very few here, but there are some tweaks that will give it gold status!

  • The description doesn’t share any product information
  • There’s no guarantee mentioned.
  • They could add time periods for ordering/delivery.
  • Adding a testimonial would be fab!
  • Links to a brochure & order form would create less obstacles to ordering.

Gold Level

gold gift company business profile-min


  • Everything Seen in Bronze & Silver Levels and…
  • Featured Video
  • Claim & Promise Tagline
  • Business Description Starts with Headline to Capture Attention
  • Description Features: Company Info, Product Info, Guarantee, Award Info, Push to Offer. 
  • Detailed How to Order Info
  • Links to Online Brochure and Order Form
  • Product and “Behind the Scenes” Images in the Gallery


None, your profile is looking good! 


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