How to Use Offer Listings

A Quick Look at Using the Directory’s Offer Feature

Offers are a great way to tempt new and existing customers into placing an order. 

Depending on your listing package you may have the opportunity to add one, or several offers onto your business listing. 

In this guide we’re going to take a quick look at how your can use the new Offer listings. 

Demonstrating with two types of offer, evergreen and seasonal. 

Whichever type of offer you choose the information you share in your listing is the same. 

  • Provide a full description of the offer to get potential buyer’s excited to purchase from you. 
  • Use the Image Gallery to give a visual look at what the offer includes. 
  • Document exactly what they get and how much it costs. 
  • In the “How to Get the Offer” section detail exactly what they need to do to claim the offer. 
  • In the Terms & Conditions link to any legal documents and provide a quick summary of any restrictions to the offer.

Add Evergreen Offers

Evergreen offers like a “Bestsellers Starter Pack” are offers that are valid all year round. 

These are a great option if you’re on the Advanced Listing Plan and only have one listing slot for an offer. 

Evegreen Offer Example-min

Add Seasonal Offers

Seasonal offers are things like a “New Year Spectacular” or a “Summer Sale” that are only valid at certain times of year. 

You can use frequent seasonal offers as a way to stay in front of the Card & Gift Network audience on a regular basis. 

summer sale


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