How to Promote a Listing to Reach More People

Give Your Listing a Boost with Added Promotion

In this tutorial, you’ll see step-by-step, how to promote a listing on Spotlight. 

Promoting a listing is a great way to get your business, event or offer noticed. Boosting your listing to the top of the results on main, explore and search pages.

To find out how it works, watch the video (1 minute 20 seconds) or see the full step-by-step instructions below.

Promoting a Listing Step-by-Step

  1. If you’d like to give your listing a boost you can choose to promote it.
  2. This will give it a featured status, moving it to the top of the results on listing pages
  3. It will also be at the top of the results on category pages.
  4. And in search results.
  5. To promote a listing choose the “my listings” option on the user menu
  6. Find the listing you want to boost and click on “promote”
  7. Next, choose a promotion package.
  8. You’ll be taken to the checkout page where you can complete your purchase.
  9. Your listing will now have “featured” status.
  10. To review your promoted listings click on the “Promotions” option on the user menu.
  11. Here you’ll see all of your promoted listings with the type of promotion applied and when it expires.
  12. You do have the option to cancel your promotion package on this page.
  13. Please be warned this is irreversible and any time remaining on the promotion will be lost.
  14. If you click “cancel package” you’ll receive a final warning before the request is actioned.

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