Getting Started with Spotlight

Welcome to Spotlight, here you’ll find a quick tutorial to help you get started with the website.

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Navigating the website

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The User Menu

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Getting Help

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Promotion Memberships

Training Products

Navigating the Website

spotlight website

The main options to navigate and explore the Spotlight website can be found on the main menu and homepage.

Here you’ll find access to all Spotlight profiles, training and more.

The User Menu

You will find everything you need to manage your account and run your Spotlight promotions from the user menu. 

This is accessible once you are logged in.

  • My Account – takes you to your main account dashboard.
  • Getting Started – will bring you to this guide whenever you need a reminder.
  • My Listings – access to all of your listings and the option to add new listings.
  • Promotions – manage promotions to boost your listings. 
  • Bookmarks – manage bookmarks of your favourite listings.
  • Orders – see a summary of your orders.
  • Subscriptions – see a summary of your subscriptions. 
  • Address – manage your address.
  • Payment Methods – view and manage your payment methods. 
  • Account Details – manage your account & change your password.
  • Resources – view bonus resources to help you make the most of your Spotlight promotions.

Getting Help

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If you need help there are a number of video tutorials, which can be found on the Help page. 

From the main menu, choose more & help to access this page. 

Under more you will also find the contact page, where you can get in touch with me.

Promotion Memberships

If you have a promotion membership there are a number of articles & tips to help you make the most of your Grow or Bloom subscription.

You can find these from the User Menu, under ‘Resources’.

Training Products

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sales booster toolkit logo square cropped

Special login credentials are automatically created when you purchase any of Card & Gift Network’s training products, such as the Sales Booster Toolkit and Sales Booster Bundle. 

Each time you login you will be redirected to your purchase. If, however, you want to access these products from other parts of the site, you will find them located under ‘Training’ on the Main Menu. 

If you have purchased a training product you may want to update the automatically generated password you were issue to something more memorable. You can see how this is done, in the ‘Changing Your Password’ Tutorial.

That’s it! You’re now ready to explore Spotlight’s Profiles & Training.

Thank you for completing the Getting Started tutorial.